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MobiGlide – Smart Phone 3 Axis Gimbal for Iphone 6, 6+, Galaxy ect..

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This is a great new concept for quick cinema like filming using your smartphone. Get rid of the old shaky and vibration videos that you use to get with your smartphone by using the new 3-axis stabilized gimbal from CineMount. 

This lightweight east-to-use gimbal breaks the traditional thinking of smartphone filming, turning your smartphone into a professional camera that provides you a movie grade smooth and steady video image. The MobiGlide eliminates vibrations by stabilizing all three axis with rapid responding brushless motors. 

The precise gimbal design and the most important of all – well tuned gimbal electronics provide excellent performance and reliability for almost all phones. Capture your precious moments keeping the image steady and smooth, freely shooting around your friends and family sharing with them how your world is super smooth with the MobiGlide.

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CineMount – MobiGlide 3-AXIS Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer is not an ordinary selfie stick, nor a mechanical Steadicam stabilizer. It is a perfect combination of Smartphone product and advanced gimbal technology. The recent development of smartphone technologies means their video and photography capabilities can match some of the rival professional cameras. Unfortunately, most smartphone owners do not use their devices video and photographic features effectively. Mostly because of their phones’ lack of stability or the users are not trained to film professional looking camera moves.

The birth of CineMount enables the non-professional mobile phone users to shoot professional-level videos. The MobiGlide gimbal helps to eliminate unwanted camera movements and vibration, like shaky or wobbly hands and footsteps, plus it is portable and simple to use! During family gatherings, outdoor sports, and other daily activities, it can shoot smoothly without dither. Also, professional news and documentary journalist who film on smatphones are also currently using the MobiGlide from CineMount.

Simply Level the Stabilizer and turn it on, it will only take few seconds for the motors to adjust, and you’re ready to shoot! The camera will now follow your movements smoothly, although we do advise you to keep an eye on the screen at eye level to find a good view and frame your shots. The gimbal will intuitively follow your hand movements, however, it is recommended to refrain from large abrupt moves. When shooting, please keep the handle in a vertical position for best performance. You are ready to shoot smooth and professional movies with your smartphone and the MobiGlide from CineMount.

  • Get incredible stabilized cinema like shots right from your smartphone – perfect for getting quick shots on the go or family photos/videos of the kids
  • Built in 3 axis stabilization smooths out shakey hands and bumps even while walking, cycling or skateboarding.
  • Adjustable mount compatible with most average size smartphones on the market (not oversized phones like Galaxy Note or iPhone 6+) 
  • High Strength light weight aluminum body built tough made to last – no plastic!
  • Very easy to use, install batteries, clip on phone, power on and start shooting. Comes with (4) standard CR123A batteries and charger. Expect approximately 30-45 minutes of run time per charge.


Product Features:

  • 3 Axis Active Stabilization
  • Gesture Control System
  • Customized High Quality BLDC Motor
  • Position&Rate Dual Closed-Loop Control System
  • Maximun+/-0.1 Degree Leveling Error
  • High Precision 6 Axis IMU Incorporated
  • Independent Developed Control Algorithm
  •  32bit Microprocessor
  • Portable, light weight, net weight 423g
  • Built-in 3S 1000mAh lithium battery and charger
  • Adjustable clip, suit for most of smart phones (Supports phones up to 7cm width
  • Compact design, no complex wiring
  • Built-in 3 Axis gyro system

Compatible to:IPhone,Samsung Galaxy S Series,etc.


Dimension: 260*110*35cm

N.W.: 454g

Power Support: Li-ion Battery, 850mAh 3.7V*3pcs

Working Time: 90mins

Operating: Handheld

Suitable Model: All smartphones under 5 inches

Tips:1.Turn on the power upon the mobile phone been installed.
2.Gimbal initialization–The gimbal needs an initialization when it occurs as follows:
a.A bit of angle deviation between the pitch angle and the horizon after start-up.
b.A bit of angle deviation between the roll angle and the horizon.
c.Heading angle gets frequently small angle correction when the course keeps in hovering.
3.Methods for gimbal initialization: Set the gimbal up and keep it silent, then turn on the power, start working normally after a preheating operation.

  • 1x CineMount Smart Phone SP Handheld Gimbal
  • 3x Li-ion Battery
  • 1x Charger
  • 1x Safety Rope Connector

Shot on iPhone 6 with the MobiGlide:



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