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“I am blown away by the quality of both the gimbal, and the support.
5 Stars, fabulous product!”

More Customer Stories

Very good and very fast, works wonderful with iPhone 5 and go pro
Hasan C
My quadcopter is fantastic and the footage from gimbal looks amazing.
Gregory S
Good packaging, top build quality, fast delivery, thank you! – I can’t wait to use it on my next job.
Neil K
I recently purchased a CineMount UAVLite camera gimbal for my DJI Phantom quadcopter, and I am very pleased with it. Bottom line… The UAVLite is hard to beat for the price, as long as you have some time to tune the gimbal.  Output video is very steady when flying reasonably, and still images are far more crisp than they are without a gimbal.
Andrew Trice.
The shipping was very quick. The product is of high quality materials. All in all it works well and gives much improved video when using a phone.
Klas S
If you want to get smooth professional footage, a CineMount gimbal is the solution!
John H
This is a very reasonably priced gimbal, and it is both well build and functions about as good as one can expect.
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