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Frequently Asked Questions

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CineMount offer 3-axis stabilization gimbals that can hold a wide variety of cameras, giving you smooth, stable, hand-held footage in most conditions. We have covered a few common questions below but we are here to support you, if you need any help please drop us an email!

What if the gimbal won’t stabilize and would not hold my camera horizontal?

Ensure that you have charged the battery of the gimbal before operating it. Also ensure that the camera is fully slid into the holder or the gimbal will have issues achieving balance.

Is it difficult to balance the gimbal and camera?

No. electronic gimbals are much quicker to set up than gimbals with weights, plus changing the setup for different camera arrangements is quick and simple.

Do I need any special instructions or tools to assemble CineMount products?

No, assembling our products is very easy, only our UAV kits require tools and a little skill to assemble.

Are CineMount gimbals waterproof?

No. The system battery, motors, and other electronic equipment are not waterproof.

How many operation modes are there and how do I switch between the modes?

There are three different modes of operation. The illuminated button on the handle toggles through these modes

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